Speaking with Paul Levitz about starting work at a Fanzine and ending up as the President of DC Comics.

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I have interviewed my first President and that’s a great guest for my 50th episode!

I have wanted to speak with Paul Levitz for quite some time and I am honoured that he came onto the show to talk about his life in comics and his soon to be released book “DC Through the 80s: The End of Eras“.

Hearing about his journey in comics was fascinating and the amount of changes he helped when he was the president at DC was inspiring. Comics as we know them would be a very different medium if it wasn’t for Paul.

I also loved finding out how a reconciled relationship with Laura Siegel happened and how Paul owns one of the bricks from Jerry Siegel’s house!

DC Through the 80s: The End of Eras” comes out on December the 15th and I am looking forward to getting lost in the pages. After speaking with Paul about the work that went into it I am ready to dive right in!

Who will be my guest on episode 100…?

Paul’s Twitter/Website.

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