A fun chat with Wonder Woman 84 director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot.

Last Friday was exciting to say the least! Warner Bros UK invited me to a private screening of Wonder Woman 84 and I loved it! My review will go live on the 15th of December.

After an emotional train road home I wrote down my initial thoughts (I had a lot!) and I began planning for my next event of the day. I was going to be talking with Patty Jenkins AND Gal Gadot at a virtual round table event!

In the evening I entered a Zoom room with journalists from all over the world and we were all very excited and then Patty and Gal joined the room. This was actually happening! We all talked for a while and broke the ice then it was time for my questions. I had joined the room about an hour before it started as I did not want to be late!

Below is the transcript from the Q and A:

Luke Bugg: Hello ladies, I’m Luke Bugg and I’m from the United Kingdom and I’m from First of all, thank you so much  for everything you have done for movies and entertainment and I’m just honoured to be able to speak with you both today. How are you both?

Patty Jenkins: Thank you, we’re great.

Gal Gadot: I’m super-excited!

PJ: This is the first day we have talked to an audience! No one has seen the movie in an entire year. We’ve been sitting on a movie and not one person outside of the crew of the people that made it has seen it so we are just so excited talk to you guys!

LB: My first question is to you Patty. How did you feel when you first got to see the finished movie?

PJ: I was very, very relieved. It was a very complex movie to make. VERY complex. The movie is almost exactly what we wrote and planned to do. So many of the things like Cheetah and the flying are Green Screen and look ridiculous until the very end.  Temporary score is nothing compared to what Hans Zimmer’s score is.  It was one of those movies where I was following a blueprint but it was very hard to, the signs didn’t happen where you were like “There it is!” until the very end. 

When everything finally got in and suddenly I saw it I had a totally different powerful, emotional experience than I had in the making of it so it was a huge relief and I was calling Gal and saying “Dude, you’re not going to believe how much it changed!”. 

In like one pass. It was like the pass before all those final effects weren’t in and the score was not in and the last pass “BOOM!”. It like came life. So, it was an exercise in plan making and following through.

LB: It was very emotional, I’m not over it, I’m still getting over it and I can’t wait to see it again!
Gal, my question for you as I try to compose myself as I’m speaking with Wonder Woman!

GG: >Giggles<

LB: How did you feel when you put back on that wonderful costume to make this sequel?

GG: I was very, very, VERY happy. I was really looking forward to going back to set and to shoot this very ambitious movie. I got very excited and it was a good excitement all the time. I feel like with the first movie I was, you know, just beginning. It was my first big role and I felt like a little girl standing and looking at the Himalaya mountains and thinking to myself “How am I going to climb all the way up?”. 

On the second one, after climbing the Himalaya with Patty on the first movie, I just felt like I couldn’t wait to bring the script to life. It was so rich and it was complex and ambitious and electric and it was just…I couldn’t wait to shoot the movie so we can finally do that. 

The fact that we are shooting the movie with people that I love so much. Of course Patty but our wonderful, wonderful cast members. We had Chris and we had Kristen and Pedro as an amazing addition to this movie and all the key people that we worked with on the first one. It just felt like coming back home. That’s the funny thing, Wonder Woman became my second home and so does London, the UK because we are shooting the movies, the stage work is there. So I was very, very excited to go back into Wonder Woman.

PJ: I miss it now! Don’t you miss it?

GG: I know, me too!

LB: Time for a third movie then! Thank you, ladies, that was perfect!

GG: Thank you.

PJ: Thank you.

That was a Zoom call I will never forget. Warner Bros UK, thanks for arranging such a WONDERful day!

Wonder Woman 84 is released in some UK cinemas on December the 16th and in America on December the 25th on HBO MAX and selected cinemas.

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  1. When I did start reading it I felt like I was with all of you and the way that article was written by made me feel simont, happiness and positive energy. Thank you my favorite luke so much!
    You did a great job 💕

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  2. When I did start reading it I felt like I was with all of you and the way that article was written by made me feel simont, happiness and positive energy. Thank you my favorite luke so much!
    You did a great job 💕


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