“ARKHAMANIACS” is out now. Art Baltazar and Franco return to the DC Universe with a charming story and I have missed them!

I LOVE whatever Art Baltazar and Franco put out into the world. It is always bright, exciting and funny and their brand new adventure is out today and it is just in time for the holidays!

DC Comics sent me a copy to review and I was so grateful. Art told me about the book earlier in the year when he was a guest on The Podcast Of Steel and as soon as he gave me a teasing description I was ready for more!

So, what is this story all about…?

This action-packed adventure from New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award-winning creators Art Baltazar and Franco, tells a fun, whimsical story about Bruce Wayne learning about friendship, playing make believe and the importance of having fun – all from the most unlikely of peers: The Joker, Catwoman and more iconic characters from Batman’s mythos.

Young Bruce Wayne is drawn to the fun and excitement he sees going on at Arkham, but to Wayne Enterprises, it’s just another property they own. Bruce is determined to find out why Arkham is full of so much fun and laughter. What exactly is going on over there? Time to sneak over when no one is looking…even though it’s like the house is laughing at him! HA HA HA!

From the moment this book was opened I was smiling. There is just something magical and whimsical when these two creators team up. The book is aimed at middle-graders but fans of any age will enjoy it. It is filled with characters, villains, jokes and is the perfect read for those that get lost in pages and want their imagination to go on an exciting ride.

I reached out to Art for a quote and this is what he had to say about Arkhamaniacs:

Welcome to the whimsically wondrous world of young Bruce Wayne and his new pal Joker before the dark and gritty Gotham Vengeance takes over! I had an awesome time in this world! AW YEAH!!”-Art Baltazar –Famous Cartoonist

I could not agree more his statement! When I read this book I was in this world with it’s creators and the characters. The bright colours and hilarious storyline kept me locked in and I just know that young comic fans (and some of the not so young ones!) will get a lot of enjoyment out of this story. Comedy and charm on every page.

The graphic novel is out now!

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