Episode 51 – Geeking out with Marshall Julius

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A new year and a new episode of #ThePodcastOfSteel.

This episode’s very special guest is Marshall Julius. A blogger, journalist, super-geek, author and so much more! I have been following Marshall online for quote some time and we became internet pals back in 2019 when we were both in London to interview Kevin Smith.

We talked before and after the event and I just knew at that point that I needed to know about this larger than life character! 

I had such a great time listening to Marshall’s stories and finding out what makes him happy. He even gave me a virtual tour of his Man Cave. Geek heaven! 

Listening to how Marshall take’s pride in his work is inspiring and it has motivated me to do more as “The Geek Of Steel”. Hearing his stories about meeting Stan Lee, Matt Groening, Arnold  Schwarzenegger and icons from the movies/comics industry was exciting to the say the least! 

When two like-minded geeks get together to talk about passions the chat will more than likely go on longer than expected and this episode is a long one! 

If you like comics, cartoons, movies, books, toys or anything to do with Pop Culture, please follow Marshall on Twitter as you will not be disappointed. 

If you wanted to purchase the veery geeky trivia book that Marshal talked about on the show, here are the links.


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