Episode 52 –Speaking with Author Mark O’Connell about Superman, Star Wars and Serendipity

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I love it when I get to speak with people who love Superman as much as me and when that person also loves pop culture as much as me I will have trouble stepping away!

On this episode my special guest was author Mark O’Connell. As well as writing all about how another hero, James Bond, changed his life he also published a book all about pop culture. 

WATCHING SKIES – STAR WARS, SPIELBERG AND US  is an American road trip down memory lane for anyone that appreciates anything that came out of the 1970s/1980s. 

Mark has a real way with words and the way he talks about movies and toys from that era is both entertaining and emotional. Nostalgia is big business right now but you can hear Mark’s voice in his writing and I love his style. It’s why I knew I had to get him on #ThePodcastOfSteel.

We talked about our love for classic movies, Mark shared a heartbreaking tale including Star Wars heroes and unlincensed taxis, the time he sneaked into The Daily Planet and how he bumped into Christopher Reeve AND Henry Cavill (not at the same time!). 

Mark, thank you for the great chat and this wonderful book. Another wise Mark (Writer Mark Miller) said this about the book:

“I thought I was the only person obsessed with every single thing written in this book, but fortunately for the rest of us Mark O’Connell is too. This is the ideal Christmas gift, even if you’re browsing at Easter.”

Where to find Mark online: Instagram , Twitter , Website.

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