Episode 53 – Talking with Lego artist Nathan Sawaya about heroes, dreams and inspiration

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On episode 53 of #ThePodcastOfSteel I was able to speak with someone who was a big part of my origin story…One could even say he’s one of the bricks in my own personal LEGO build.

Nathan Sawaya is an incredible LEGO artist and human being! One of my first reporting jobs was back in 2017 and I got invited to the opening night of “The Art Of The Brick: DC Comics” exhibition in London.  An art exhibit that has toured the world and I was so glad it did! The artwork is insane and when it was in London I visited it many times and always had trouble leaving.

When I attended the opening night I was filled with excitement. I had never attended an event as “Press” before and I had so much fun walking around and picking my jaw up from off the floor! The other highlight of the evening though was getting to speak with Nathan about his art and his passions. After that night, and getting words of advice from Nathan, I knew I wanted to do more with my  alter-ego! 

I am so glad that Nathan found the time to be on the show as I had so much more to ask him! Hearing more about his inspirational life and what he has achieved over the years made for a great conversation and if you watch the YouTube video I shared some great photos that Nathan sent me to use.  Also..keep an eye out for the special cameo appearance!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. I have just put in a LEGO order of a few thousand red, yellow and blue LEGO bricks. Wish me luck…

Nathan’s Instagram, Twitter and Website.

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