Ep 55- Speaking with comic creator Kirk Scroggs about movies, monsters and more!

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On this episode of #ThePodcastOfSteel I got to speak with a writer, an artist and a monster fan!

Kirk Scroggs was a great guest and I loved hearing his origin story and learning some facts about his career.

As soon as I got lost in his book “We Found A Monster” I knew I had to find out more about Kirk’s imagination and other creations. His latest project combines comics AND science so I was very excited to talk with him about “Flash Facts”. It’s a book aimed at middle-schoolers that teaches the reader about STEM learning and is filled with facts and fun from many writers and artists from DC Comics. It is also curated by Mayim Bialik (actor, neuroscientist author AND Blossom!).

I LOVED the book and felt like a learned a lot while reading and I wanted to wear a white lab coat while enjoying it. I wish I had books like this when I was in school!

We talked about so much on this episode and I had a blast. We chatted about his books, monsters, scary movies, classic video games and how his artistic style concerned his teachers at a young age!

I love speaking with creative souls and Kirk’s charm really shined through in this interview. His passion for his art and love for literature was a joy to listen to and I could have talked with him about 80’s movies and video games for hours.

Also, I have never talked with someone who has an exotic animal named after one of their characters…

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