Ep 57-Movie Talk with Kibla Ahmed Art

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I always enjoy speaking with Kibla and I knew I had to get him back on the show to talk about Zack Snyder’s Justice League and The Suicide Squad trailer that blew my mind. I am considering turning all my online accounts into Stan accounts for King Shark. He is my boy!

In the video of this Podcast you can watch Kibz and I react to The Suicide Squad trailer and also watch us both draw my new favourite shark!

Kibla is a fellow lover of all things geeky and I had a great chat with about ZSJL and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie by James Gunn. It looks like a crazy experience and I can’t wait for it.

Here is where you can find Kibla online:

Here is a link to his Podcast that he hosts with his brother. I had a great time on his show recently.

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