Episode 60 – Speaking with Will Highfield – The “Jersey Gorilla”

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Joining me on #ThePodcastOfSteel this time is Will Highfield. Heroes sometimes have aliases and so does Will!

You may have heard of “The Jersey Gorilla” before and if you have not you are in for an inspirational treat.

A few years ago I interviewed Will after I became interested in his origin story. I found out about the Jersey Gorilla after Henry Cavill posted a photo on his Instagram and I knew I had to know more about this primate! I reached out and had a great chat about why the Durrell Challenge and the Jersey Zoo is so important.

The Durrell Challenge is about to begin again soon so I thought it would be a great time to speak with Will and learn some more about his life. 

You may remember recently that my mind was blown when Henry Cavill replied to a comment on his Instagram when he was promoting the challenge. Since then I have signed up to take part in this event and began raising money. Here is a link to my page and I would like to take this moment to thank every single hero who has donated so far. I will be putting on the cape soon! JustGiving.com/fundraising/TheGeekOfSteel.

Speaking with Will about his charity work, the zoo and the challenge was inspiring. Will has already done so much, raised so much and ran so much! Hearing his passion for the animals he cares about so much was wonderful and I can’t wait to see what Will does in the future. He is unstoppable!

Here is where you can follow Will online and see what he is getting up to next.

Please subscribe to Will’s YouTube page. Some very exciting videos will be coming soon and you will not want to miss them! This one below is epic. It has some serious Rocky vibes!

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