Ep 65 – My spoiler-free review of The Suicide Squad

Click here to listen to the review.

James Gunn’s long awaited The Suicide Squad is soon to be released (UK July 30th/USA August 6th) and although we have waited so long for it, none of us are ready for it!

I got to see the movie recently and as soon as it ended all I wanted to do was watch it again! From the start to the finish (wait for the credits to end!) I was taken on a wild adventure that was funny, gory, explosive and with just the right amount of charm. This movie really gives you everything!

After this movie blew my mind I was able to speak with James Gunn about this standalone movie. I wanted to get inside the head that made mine explode! As many of you know, King Shark got my attention and love from the moment I saw him so we had a fun chat about Sylvester Stallone and Harley Quinn. You can find that here.

I recorded this review the day after I watched this explosive tale and the scenes were fresh in my head, all of them…This film is not for kids but if you like comedy, action, thrills and talking sharks that steal your heart, you will love this movie!

The Suicide Squad will be released in the UK on July 30th and in America on August the 6th.

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