Episode 69 – Talking Superman, Star Wars, Harry Potter and NFT’s with gallery owner Jonathan Sands

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I love the concept of virtual reality and books/ movies like “READY PLAYER ONE” and “Tron” are always a great place for me to escape to.

When I was told about The Crypt, an art museum for the digital age, I knew I had to learn more and when I found out that there was a “Hero” exhibit with rare Superman/Batman photos I was invested!

Jonathan Sands joins me on this episode to talk about his project and share some anecdotes from his fascinating life. He has been living every geek’s dream!

Jonathan has worked in the movie industry throughout his career and we also talked about his connections to the Star Wars and Harry Potter universes and how his experience working with fans/franchises is going to make The Crypt a success for years to come.

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