Episode 71 – Speaking with Adam from Talking Superman

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On episode 71 I had the honour of speaking with a fellow Superman ambassador that I have wanted to speak to for the longest time.

Adam loves comics, Superman and sharing his passions online so he is a perfect guest to interview! Adam Talking Superman is a Twitter account that is always a joy to see when it pops up on my feed. He could be taking about the latest comics that get released or comics throughout history that still have relevance today. It’s a page that is helping keep the Superman legacy alive while also providing positivity and information to comic fans al over the world.

I got to ask Adam about his origin story, going to the houses where Superman was created and what his perfect Superman movie would be like. I was very happy to discover that it would be a trilogy! As always, one of my favourite questions to ask my guests is “What does Superman mean to you?” and Adam’s answer was wonderful.

Please enjoy this episode and here is a link to Adam’s twitter account. 

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