EP 73 – Speaking with award-winning cartoonist Yale Stewart

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The Justice League as 8 year olds, dealing with everyday life? Yes please! 

I am not sure when I read my first ever JL8 strip but I know that I was hooked from the moment I saw the charming characters.

Recently I got to speak with award-winning cartoonist Yale Stewart about his life, comics, Superman, integrity and his JL8 webcomic that has fans all over the world. 

00:00 Intro
02:30 Yale’s origin story
10:44 The birth of JL8
14:38 Releasing the comics online
21:00 “You have to wear a lot of hats”
25:17 Superman’s compassion
30:29 The Amazing Adventures Of Superman
38:00 Working for yourself vs working for someone else
45:23 Neil Gaiman
50:31 Writing JL8 and it’s future
1:07:00 Favourite issues
1:10:50 The fans
1:19:03 How the world can get more JL8
1:25:06 “What does Superman mean to you?”
1:32:32 Outro

It was fascinating to hear how these characters came to be and the origin story of this artist/writer.

I was so happy when Yale told me about what he has planned for JL8 in the future and if you want more stories on a regular basis, supporting him on Patreon is the best way to do that. Here is a helpful video explaining all about it:

Yale’s store.

Yale’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch.

You can listen to more episodes of The Podcast Of Steel here.

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