Speaking with Greg Weisman

Today the new DC animated movie CATWOMAN:HUNTED is available to buy and recently I got to have a fun chat with the film’s writer.

Over the years Greg Weisman’s writing/producing has brought many characters to life. Star Wars:Rebels, Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Batman, Gargoyles and so much more. Greg’s style of writing, and passion for his craft, takes the viewer on an immersive experience and getting to speak with him about CATWOMAN:HUNTED was a joy. He has a lot of love for these characters and it shows.

Check out my interview with Greg here:

The film is an absolute blast and I hope that everyone who worked on it is very proud. Everything from the animation style to the soundtrack made this a thrilling watch. As always, when it comes to DC animated movies, the voice talent was superb. Elizabeth Gillies (Catwoman) and Stephanie Beatriz (Batwoman) need their own series/film!

There are plenty of villains in this movie to sick your teeth into as well but I won’t mention too many because of spoilers!

Greg, thanks for the chat!

Catwoman:Hunted is out now on DVD/Blu-ray and will be available for digital download from the 8th of February.

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