MultiVERSUS review- flying kicks, missiles and exploding sandwiches

When I first found about the MultiVersus game I was immediately invested! “A free-to-play, platform fighter video game that introduces a team-based 2 vs. 2 format combined with an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters and legendary universes”… YES PLEASE!

This new trailer got released a few days ago and the internet nearly imploded. If you haven’t seen it yet, try and spot the moment where I almost bawled my eyes out…

Earlier this week WB Games UK kindly invited me to get early access to the MultiVersus game. I couldn’t stop playing…This game was everything I thought it would be.  Funny, nostalgic, exciting, challenging and rewarding. Of course I played as Superman the most! Being able to select my hero in a video game was so satisfying.  He looked incredible and hearing George Newbern say “Truth, justice and a better tomorrow” made me so happy. There are lots of other characters to choose but he’s my boy. In time I will play with all the other characters but right now I am Team Superman!

The multiplayer options are so much fun. 1 vs 1 was great but the cooperative gameplay in 2 vs 2 was what I couldn’t stop playing.  Multiple classic characters on the screen all at once, battling it out.  Punches, kicks, explosions and flying sandwiches…ZOINKS!

There are so many characters/moves. At first I thought it might be too overwhelming. The training soon put an end to that thought. You can jump right into the game and smash all the buttons or you can learn all the special moves and then smash away with accuracy!

Unlocking new skills/skins/emotes/characters is what will keep me playing this game. I’m a completionist and I need all the things! Daily missions are a fun way to collect coins. I need The Iron Giant as soon as possible!

This game is so much fun and it has been worth the wait. It’s clear that a lot of hard work and love has gone into this game and I think it will be really well liked with fans AND gamers. I am hoping in the future that MultiVersus becomes so popular that new characters/outfits are added.

I will be streaming this game A LOT. Watch me button smash on Twitch very soon!

For additional information about MultiVersus, visit or join the community conversation on Twitter (@MultiVersus), YouTube (MultiVersus), Instagram (MultiVersusGame), Facebook (MultiVersus), and Discord (MultiVersus).

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