Iron Studios

I have joined forces with Iron Studios to bring you news, reviews, videos and discounts!

Iron Studios have been around since 2012 and throughout that time they have helped collectors around the world increase their collections with unique and detailed pieces.

The have released many designs over the years from , DC Comics , Star Wars and Marvel Comics. They have made collectible statues for almost every fandom!

Their Superman statues are obviously my favourite but everything they release is impressive. The details are incredible and the poses are always so well thought out. I’ve been admiring them online and can imagine these superheroes and characters posing for the artist in a studio somewhere!

They also sell MiniCos on their websites. These designs are adorable! Detailed and charming mini-statues that look great on shelves and desks.  

Iron Studios are always releasing new designs on their channels and if you’re following them on Instagram and Twitter you’ll always be surprised with what they are releasing next. I’ve also been checking kid the #IronStudios hashtag. I LOVE seeing how people are displaying their collections and how they photograph them. 

Kripto_Nation on Instagram has an amazing collection and his posts always make me want to increase my collection and up my photography game!

The company got in touch with me recently to talk about how we could help share their products with you all. We had a fun chat about their products and what will be coming out in the future.

I admired their work ethic and their knowledge . I’m looking forward to working with them more in the future. What I really liked as well was that they gave me a code for all of you!

If you use the code “TheGeekOfSteel5” on these websites below you can get five percent off! Have fun shopping! I’ve seen some Superman items that need to be on my shelves…

This code is valid from 1st to 30th of June and it has the following particularity:

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