EP 83 – Jonathan Lipow…The Iron Giant!

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Soon the exciting new WB online game MultiVersus will be released and Jonathan Lipow will be voicing The Iron Giant. As you know I am a huge fan of this iconic character and I was very excited to speak with the person who would be bringing them to life!

On this episode Jonathan shared his fantastic origin story about how he became a voice artist, we talked about his time on The Simpsons and about how he found his voice for The Iron Giant.

It was great to hear all about Jonathan’s work ethic, and the importance of wanting to be remembered for the right reasons, but the highlight for me was hearing The Iron Giant say “The Geek Of Steel…Friend” to me. I was ready to burst!

MultiVersus will be available to play very soon!

Where you can find Jonathan online:
Instagram, Twitter, Website .

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