My Date With “The Monster”…

I was recently asked to travel to London and witness “The Monster”, the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course! It’s over 300 metres long and filled with all sorts of crazy […]

My Interview With Superman.

I live online. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Netflix. Every now and again I will stumble across a page or account which really grabs my attention. It could […]

If Funko Pop Villains Had a Chat!

The rocking girls and boys at EMP recently sent me the following video to watch. I was told it was a comedy video with Funko Pops. I was already into […]

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (And So Did I!)

A few weeks ago, the awesome guys and girls at Warner Bros. UK invited me to see a multimedia screening of Teen Titans Go to The Movies. So, naturally, I shouted my reply to them, YES PLEASE!  […]

London Film And Comic-Con. Day 1!

I first visited LFCC last year and I loved the experience. It was my first major Con and after months of planning I had a very memorable time. I got […]