Batman:Hush-Spoiler Free Review

It was last year when the world got word that the iconic Batman story by Jeph Loeb was going to be released as an animated feature and the world ( […]

The Boys-Spoiler Free Review.

Don’t meet your heroes, watch them! “The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes embrace the darker side of their massive celebrity and fame” and “revolves around a group of […]

A Heroic Challenge For A Super Cause.

A while ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas ” Nick” Cara. In his spare time Nick is a master LEGO builder and has even recreated the Superman Museum! […]

Episode #10-Mental Health Awareness.

As it is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek I thought I would dedicate the episode to the subject. Many of us deal with issues with mental health, or know people that do. I truly feel that […]