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Category: Adventures

Superman Celebration: Part Two.

Part two. Saturday 9th Of June-Day Three. The day had come. Today was the day I was going to meet another Superman actor and although I was very nervous I […]

My Superman Celebration Articles.

I have wanted to visit the Superman Celebration for as long as I can remember. I’ve always seen photos and reviews online and wanted to see that big statue in […]

The Superman Celebration 2018.

Metropolis. The place where Superman calls “home” and where I will be very soon! I have wanted to visit the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois for many years and I […]

My Very “Super” Week.

This last week has been a very surreal and exciting one for me and I need to document it so that if I ever doubt that it didn’t happen, I […]

Ready for Ready Player One.

A good friend of mine strongly suggested I read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One novel last year shortly after the first trailer was released at SDCC. Now, I can read […]