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Portsmouth Comic Con 2019-Bigger, better and filled with even more heart.

Everybody loves a sequel. Sometimes they are ok and sometimes they should not have even have been attempted! The sequel to the Portsmouth Comic Con, which I have just got home from, was the greatest sequel. It had more guests, more talent, more things to do (and buy!) and so much more heart! Everything that

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A Nolan movie marathon is coming to London for four dark nights.

Who is ready for a serious Nolan Batman movie marathon?  10 hours of move magic on one of the biggest screens in the country. It’s Batman’s 80th anniversary this year and to help celebrate this,  Nolan’s masterpieces will be played back to back at the BFI IMAX in. London. If that wasn’t enough there will

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Tara Strong will be at the 2019 Superman Celebration!

The first guest has been announced for the 2019 Superman Celebration and it is a huge one. Voice artist royalty, Tara Strong! It is hard to count how many characters Tara Strong has helped bring to life and everyone has a few favourites. I have been trying to list them all and I discovered that

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