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Episode #7-Geeking Out With Kibla Ahmed Art!

I have been good friends with Kibla for a few years now and I wanted him to be my first guest on the Podcast. We talk about how we met, his art, our shared love of comics and our adventures.Kibz, thank you very much! Here is where you can find Kibla online: Facebook:www.facebook.com/kiblaahmedart Instagram:www.instagram.com/kiblaahmedart Twitter:twitter.com/kiblaahmedart

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LoudShop.com- Magical Mystery Box Review.

There are many “Swag Boxes” and “Mystery Crates” companies online and I feel that it is often a gamble when selecting which box you might like. I feel that it’s like Kinder Eggs for adults! Some may promise a few interesting objects or a rare T-shirt. I once had a subscription to a monthly box

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