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EP 80 -Speaking with Maurizio Caschetto from The Legacy Of John Williams

Where you can listen: Amazon Podcasts/ Apple Podcasts / Deezer / Google Podcasts/ Soundcloud / Spotify / Stitcher On this episode I am joined by Maurizio Caschetto.Maurizio is the founder of The Legacy Of John Williams website/podcast. We had a wonderful discussion about Superman, movie scores and the impact John Williams has on the world of movies, art […]

Episode 59: Speaking with Filmmaker David Weiner about the magic of 80’s Sci Fi movies and his documentary “In Search Of Tomorrow”

Where you can listen:Amazon Podcasts/ Apple Podcasts / Deezer / Google Podcasts/ Soundcloud / Stitcher Recently I found out about IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW and I was instantly invested! A four hour + documentary dedicated to sharing the magic that is 1980’s Sci-Fi movies.  I had a wonderful chat with David about the project, his love […]

Episode 47 – Speaking with Kelly Lamb, one of the many heroes who work for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Where you can listen:Apple Podcasts / Deezer / Soundcloud / Spotify / Stitcher On this special episode my guest is Kelly Lamb who is the #TeamReeve Manager at the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Please watch this video to learn more about this organisation and to find out why I was so happy when I heard the news […]